juuni 18, 2008


Downey raamatut uurides leidsin veel huvitavat 118-ndalt lehelt alates:

The stereotypical malandro dwells outside respectable society, without morals, forming no lasting alliances and taking up no long-term causes. Not a revolutionary, he lives emphatically in the present and exhibits little interest in changing the institutions and inequalities that he confronts in everyday life. Instead, he is content to carve out a small space of opportunity through deception, quick wits, and his consummate survivalist skills, reveling in the constant challenge of malandragem, or sly "roguery" (DaMatta, 1991).


Capoeira, however, has long been considered to be the malandro science, a technology to cultivate a person's cunning (cf. Moura 1980b; Vieira 1990; Barbieiri 1993).

Meenuvad Castaneda ja Coelho sõdalased - kes tahab, võib võrrelda.

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