aprill 04, 2009

Ennemuistseid Seiklusjutte Siit ja Sealt 4

ulo-do-gato or "cat's jump" refers to a story belonging to Brazilian folklore in which the onça (a sort of jaguar) flatters the domestic cat: "Cousin cat, you are so smart and beautiful, I wonder if you could teach me all those incredible jumps you do so masterfully."

The cat teaches the onça, and as soon as the onça has learned it all, it jumps toward the cat in an effort to devour it. The cat does a startling and unexpected jump and flees the onça.
"Cousin cat! You didn't teach me that one!"
"That's right, cousin onça. That's my pulo-do-gato."
If you are smart, like cats are, you should always have a last recourse-a pulo-do-gato-to be used only in extreme conditions.
Nestor Capoeira, A Street-smart Song, 2006:48

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