aprill 05, 2009

Ennemuistseid Seiklusjutte Siit ja Sealt 5

his story is about a young boy who was walking in the woods and came across some ruins, where he encountered an Afro-Brazilian man with a berimbau. The man began to play, and the boy (who was named Leo) opened his eyes so wide it seemed as if he was listening through them. When the man stopped playing, he told Leo that the upper part of the bow pointed towards the sky. Leo looked up and saw himself growing into a man, and saw his sons, his grandchildren, and the future. The lower part of the bow pointed towards the ground, and Leo eventually saw all of his ancestors, including his grandmother, great-grandmother, and the past. When the image disappeared, the man handed the berimbau to Leo and said, "the upper part is the future, the lower part is the past, and in the middle, there's a young boy, who is a little distracted and full of
stories in his head...and that little boy is you.... The berimbau is my present to you. Every time you play it, remember me and these things I have told you"

These themes echo similar concepts discussed by some capoeira masters who believe that the berimbau possesses the ability to bring positive energy from the spirits high above, and the ancestors below, together in the present.
Eric A. Galm, Beyond the Roda, 2004:79 jutustab ümber lugu Raquel Coelho lasteraamatust Berimbau, 2000

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